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Welcome to the Pesobility website where we blog and create utilities regarding investments, money and wealth. For stock traders, you'll find the up-to-date stock quotes page valuable.

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by nicooo

I just have a question on how should I approach my investment strategy in stocks. Since some stocks are cheap right now, I decided to invest sa mga mgaganda di... read more

by ms

Has anyone looked at GMA7 network share price ? 0.5 peso EPS in the quarter, if annualised makes it 3x P/E. and potentially 25% dividend yield why no o... read more

by bertty

If you have nothing to do go on hearsay and quotes and make it for fun :) read more

by leny


by yet Thanks read more

by shu

I would like to see the past data on the screen below. Is it possible? ・ ・ read more

by jhin

Hi im gathering data for my excel and i dont see ACEN listed on PE Ratio by Industry and on listed stocks by Sector. Would really appreciate it if it gets upda... read more

by ashn

i would like to hear about how can i invest into DIto company stock share. and where can i buy stocks even its far beyond i can gain my investment. read more

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Pesobility is a finance-awareness website with utilities that help pinoy investors, especially those who are in the stock market, achieve financial literacy. It talks / blogs about investment options and relevant topics regarding money and wealth. This site contains up-to-date stock quotes, manually computed PE Ratio of companies, Philippine Stock Exchange disclosures, and various references to stock market (See "Stocks" in the above menu for access to different pages and utilities).

This site is still in beta and in constant development, so please report any issues you encounter to the email posted below. you can already find several useful tools by navigating the main menu above this page.

For registered users, you can also try stocks trading on real-time Philippine stocks using virtual money. Registration is closed at the moment, but you can email Manny for a trial account.

Do you want to contribute or post entries as a guest blogger and see you articles on this site? We're accepting! Just drop an email so we can further discuss.

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