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Sans Jayson Castro, Team Philippines falls short to UAE All-Stars in FIBA 3X3 exhibition

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Good Morning

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...and insulted the Commission on Human Rights, too.

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President Duterte is set to visit his fifth country since assuming his post.

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Sec Dominguez said the PH would give "priority attention" to a free trade agreement with the European Union.

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Home ownership rate rose to 63.4% in 3Q from 63.1% in 2Q U.S. Sept. Y/y Household Formation Rose 1.221M

Today 12:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Decreases in jobless claims: Pennsylvania 4,188; Texas 2,268; Missouri 1,913

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Increases in jobless claims: Kentucky 5,644; Michigan 2,874; California 2,588

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U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Fell 3k to 258k; Est. 256k

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MBT profit falls 12% to P12.6b

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President Duterte ends the press conference.

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Duterte (on Verzosa winning #MissInternational2016): I am happy. I am always happy if all our beautiful women all the titles. Mabuhay ka.

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Duterte: Regions 1, 2 and 3 may pinakamaraming shabu na tinatapon sa international seas.

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RT @ANCALERTS: NOW on ANC: Pres. Duterte has arrived in the Philippines after 3-day official visit in Japan.

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Duterte: Ibibigay ko sa inyo 'yan. Tulungan n'yo lang ako.

Yesterday 11:31 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: Yung mga anak n'yo makakapag-aral, makaka-labas na hindi sinasaksak, hindi hinoholdap. Kung gusto nyo, ibigay ko sa inyo.

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Duterte: We are all Filipinos. I will challenge you. Gusto ba natin ng bayan na matino?

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Duterte: There is a war going on, I am losing 2-3 policemen a day. There is a war.

Yesterday 11:23 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: Pag hindi nasunod ang gusto ko to get rid (of drugs) in my country, you can expect to get 20,000 or 30,00 more.

Yesterday 11:23 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: I promise you I will give you a clean government - an efficient one.

Yesterday 11:17 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: You look at me as if I enjoy killing my own countrymen.

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Duterte hits Washington anew for treating Manila like a 'dog on a leash.'

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Duterte (on pauses in his answers): Hinto-hinto lang ako kasi my mouth would ramble on to some other words at mag-ano-ano na naman.

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Duterte: Dito sa Davao wag na tayo magbolahan. Walang kidnapper kasi takot mamatay.

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Duterte: It was submitted to me for validation and re-validation and re-validation at ito ang dumating sa akin.

Yesterday 11:04 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: That's why I want to talk to congress, judiciary, the military. Hindi ko kaya ito.

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Duterte (holding drug matrix): Mga taga human rights mag-commit ng suicide kung tapusin ko ito lahat.

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Duterte (on the 'narco-list'): I do not want to make this public because it will make Filipinos cry.

Yesterday 11:01 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: Tiis-tiis na lang muna tayo. Corruption has to go.

Yesterday 11:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: Wag n'yo na ako tanungin ano yung harsh.

Yesterday 11:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte reiterates his stand against graft and corruption: I will be harsh in dealing with corrupt people in the government.

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Duterte: I'm very sure kung magamit ito ng husto walang corruption, ang buhay ng ating mga kababayan gaganda. Wag lang kurakutin ang pera.

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Duterte: Kasi as we progress, the state affairs tend to be bigger, more employees needed. But our income is not that good.

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Duterte: Ako ang sweldo ko 130 lang eh. Hindi kaya ng gobyerno.

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Duterte: At this time of our natl dev't we are not yet ready to assume the burden of providing everybody w/ sufficient salary.

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Duterte (on contractual workers in govt): You know, govt provides employment. Kung maari lang, thousands upon thousands of employees.

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Duterte (on Japan-US relationship): My business is with Japan and the Philippines. I refuse to answer questions for them.

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President Duterte says he's ready to accept questions from the media.

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President Duterte ends his speech.

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Duterte (on PH-Japan relationship): An exemplary partnership that can only gain greater strength in the years to come.

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Duterte: My official visit was another defining moment for the solid and strategic partnership of our countries.

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Duterte: Japan is and will always be a true friend of the Philippines.

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Duterte: Everyone in our region and beyond has a stake in the South China Sea.

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Duterte: In security and defense cooperation, we recognize the importance of vibrant political exchanges.

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Duterte: PH-Japan ties today are excellent and we agreed that we can take things to a higher level.

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ONGOING | President Duterte's arrival from Japan state visit. LIVE:

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The NCRPO said all those arrested had only tourist visas and no other documents.

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NCC: The Philippines moved up the ranks as the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Philhealth put their services online.

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"We will max out our check points in various parts of the region."

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Currently, dormant fees range from about Php 200 and above per month.

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Congrats to Jio Jalalon for being named PBA Draft Combine MVP! Which team do you think will be a perfect fit for "T…

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"With these tax reforms, I can’t help but ask if the proposed restructure would be beneficial to all employees."…

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"We hope we will have a very inclusive new law that Congress, I hope, will approve."

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PBA approves Carlo Lastimosa trade to NLEX

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The Philippine online marketplace could reach $19 billion within the next decade but...| via @roycanivel…

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Congratulations #MissInternational2016 @KylieVerzosa!

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"We'll have six." Congratulations #MissInternational2016 @KylieVerzosa!

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Rep Suarez: "What evidence are we still talking about? Everything has been said there."

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High tea above the city | via @josephjlgarcia

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Tan claimed that he pointed the gun in self defense after the truck driver wielded a jungle bolo.

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Hunting gastronomic gold in Italy’s truffle country

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Japan emperor's uncle dies; Akihito audience with Duterte cancelled

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Without policy walk, US to disregard Duterte talk | via @ipcigaral

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NFA starts buying palay from areas hit by Karen, Lawin | via @YnaCarlosLim

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Cooperatives’ tax exemptions at risk if they fail to submit members' tax ID numbers | via @LuciadgBworld…

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Is CCCC Dredging is also the same company responsible for the building of the artificial islands in the WPS?

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SUV GALORE | #Honda goes off-road

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OPINION | How to prepare for death

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Jordan Clarkson scores 25 points to lift Lakers past Rockets in season opener

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What do we do when social media becomes toxic?

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#PayMaya links with #PayPal in new deal

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PSEi slips for 6th session,loses 49.27 pts or 0.66% to close at 7,445.14 ahead of Fed mtg @InquirerBiz

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Aboitiz profit surges 61% in 3rd quarter | via @victorsaulon

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The driver will be charged with reckless driving resulting to homicide.

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Inflation expected to have picked up further | via @meltlopez

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Will President Duterte’s outbursts ultimately derail the Philippines’ economic momentum? | via @Noysky…

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Psei 7,442.610-51.80 (down 0.69%) 3:16pm

Yesterday 3:16 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"Our doors remain open to those who offer assistance, as long as they do not come with conditions."

Yesterday 3:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

tesla 202.24 dn 0.05%

Yesterday 3:01 PM from iTradePh [Link]

ONGOING | National minority alliance Sandugo face-off Manila Police again outside the US Embassy.

Yesterday 2:55 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Volkswagen 3Q Profit Beats Est., - VW 3Q operating profit EU3.31b, est. EU3.23b.

Yesterday 2:49 PM from iTradePh [Link]

China’s Sept. Industrial Companies’ Profit Rises 7.7% Y/y

Yesterday 2:48 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Yuan falls to Six-Year Lows

Yesterday 2:47 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"Monthly fee, not exceeding P30, can be charged if no deposit or withdrawal is made from the account for 5 years"…

Yesterday 2:46 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

“At an illiquid period, it doesn’t take much for someone’s order to sweep the book of sterling liquidity available.”

Yesterday 2:45 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Sterling slumped more than 6 percent in just two minutes, reaching a 31-year low.

Yesterday 2:45 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"A monthly fee, not exceeding P30, can be charged no deposit or withdrawal is made from the account for five years"…

Yesterday 2:45 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Audi says items are for V6 3.0 tdi engine issues, Takata airbags

Yesterday 2:40 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Audi Sees Op Return on Sales Ex Items Considerably Below 8-10%

Yesterday 2:39 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines Total Gross Revenue Index of Industries grew by 8.4% in Q2 2016, PSO

Yesterday 2:39 PM from iTradePh [Link]

FNI: Baiyin Nonferrous Group study building stainless steel plant with annual capacity of 1m tons nickel ore sourced in Philippin

Yesterday 2:37 PM from iTradePh [Link]

FNI : Baiyin Nonferrous Group to evaluate trade financing for Global Ferronickel’s Palawan mine

Yesterday 2:37 PM from iTradePh [Link]

The wife of Dayan said she has not seen Ronnie for a long time.

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FNI dn 0.81% 1.22 1-Year Return 32.26% 52 wk range 0.455 -1.29 revenue 5.44b

Yesterday 2:36 PM from iTradePh [Link]

ALT up 3.93% 3.70 :Alterra Board approves plan to acquire Philab. 1-Year Return 18.67% 52 wk range 2.40 - 17.48

Yesterday 2:32 PM from iTradePh [Link]

#Samsung vows mobile rebound, dangles buyback after #Note7 shock

Yesterday 2:28 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippine Psei 7,438.640 -55.77 dn 0.74%, all sectors underperforms, except oil& mines

Yesterday 2:24 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Yup, we are going banana's !!!

Yesterday 2:20 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines, Japan sign banana export deal..

Yesterday 2:19 PM from iTradePh [Link]

#OPPO leapfrogs #smartphone rivals with ad blitz and sales force

Yesterday 2:12 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

KD vows to bounce back.

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European markets may open lower

Yesterday 2:00 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Poor earnings forecasts from companies such as Nintendo and Canon disappointed Japan market, nikkei dn 0.30% 17339.19

Yesterday 1:50 PM from iTradePh [Link]

The state call has been cancelled following the death of Prince Mikasa, the uncle of Emperor Akihito. | @News5AKSYON

Yesterday 1:49 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

JUST IN: President Duterte's state call with Emperor Akihito has been cancelled. | via @News5AKSYON

Yesterday 1:47 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PAL: Philippine Airlines Receives 19th Airbus A321-231 Plane, 199-seater A321 scheduled for 2016 will be delivered next month,

Yesterday 1:47 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Manny Pacquiao not slowing down in buildup to Vargas fight

Yesterday 1:46 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

smph 27.10 52 wk range 18.70 - 31.00 1-Year Return 21.59%

Yesterday 1:43 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"Go for something more democratic," Professor Pilapil recommended.

Yesterday 1:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

tel dn 1.90% 1549.00 glo dn 1.10% 1800.00

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Guevara: "The ghosts of Christmas didn't entertain Scrooge, but they were there to change his life." #AChristmasCarolPH | via @cam_arcilla

Yesterday 1:34 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

#AChristmasCarolPH director Robbie Guevara: "What we really want to emphasize is the darkness in London during that time" | via @cam_arcilla

Yesterday 1:34 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Caliro: "We're not a sponsor, we're producing theater in the Philippines." #GlobeLive #AChristmasCarolPH | via @cam_arcilla

Yesterday 1:33 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Caliro: Being here for 12 years, I already consider myself a Filipino, & we Filipinos are Christmas fanatics! | via @cam_arcilla

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#GlobeLive CEO, exec prod for "A Christmas Carol" Joe Caliro talks about holiday-offering in partnership w/ @9WTonline | via @cam_arcilla

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NBA ROUNDUP | Nuggets survive Davis’ 50 points; Thunder spoil Embiid’s Sixers debut

Yesterday 1:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


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pnb dn 1.87% 57.70 mbt dn 0.86% 86.45 bdo dn 0.80% 111.00 secb up 2.15% 218.60 ubp up 0.67% 75.00 ew up 0.63% 19.12

Yesterday 1:29 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Deutsche Bank's 3Q net income at 278 million euros; net revenues at 7.49 billion euros

Yesterday 1:27 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Deutsche Bank Posts Unexpected 3Q Profit; Pretax profit EU619m, CET1 ratio 11.1%; est. 10.9% vs 2Q’s 10.8%; 3Q15’s 11.5%

Yesterday 1:26 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Volvo Cars 3Q operating profit SEK2.07b vs SEK1.28b year earlier.

Yesterday 1:21 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Let's support Jayson Castro, Kiefer Ravena, Karl Dehesa and Paolo Hubalde as they play exhibition games at the…

Yesterday 1:18 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Risk to property growth is developers’ capacity to complete projects in time, says Richard Raymundo, deputy managing director at Colliers

Yesterday 1:17 PM from iTradePh [Link]

No Stopping Philippine Outsourcing’s Expansion Plans, Most buildings are 60% pre-committed this year; 30% pre-committed buildings for 2017

Yesterday 1:17 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Now: Metrobank press briefing @InquirerBiz

Yesterday 1:15 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Tata Group Companies Lead Retreat as Sensex Falls for Third Day, S&P BSE Sensex -0.3% at 27,760.95

Yesterday 1:14 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Asia nikkei dn 0.45% shanghai dn 0.34% shenzhen dn 0.43% hsi dn 1.15% asx 200 dn 1.08% kospi dn 0.31% twii dn 0.50 malaysia dn 0.35%

Yesterday 1:11 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines Psei down 3.68% to 7,427.680 for the past 6 days. Technicals: Breaking below the 7500 level implies possible retest of 7312.

Yesterday 1:07 PM from iTradePh [Link]

ONGOING | President Duterte speaks to the press in Japan. LIVE:

Yesterday 1:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Bato ganern. Ganern."

Yesterday 1:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Market recess 7,427.680 -66.73 (-0.89%)

Yesterday 12:56 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines Oil Tax Plan increase in petroleum excise tax may result in about 25% rise in pump prices add two percentage points to inflation

Yesterday 12:54 PM from iTradePh [Link]

CBRE formed strategic alliance in Philippines with Leechiu Property Consultants for leasing, capital markets and consulting services,

Yesterday 12:50 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Duterte moves to assure Japan Inc.

Yesterday 12:50 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Volkswagen Jan.-Sept. sales climbed 2.4% to 7.61 million units

Yesterday 12:48 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Toyota’s January-September global sales rose 0.4% to 7.53 million vehicles,

Yesterday 12:48 PM from iTradePh [Link]

De Lima on PRRD's statement on slapping gov't employees, "May batas po tayo; bahala siya manampal, nagpapapatay nga siya eh" (laughs)

Yesterday 12:46 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Pres Duterte will view Japan coastguard's demo/exercises from this vessel | via @maeannelosbanos

Yesterday 12:45 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"I hope he won't chew gum like he did in China."

Yesterday 12:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi slips in morning trade, tracking sluggish regional marts ahead of US Fed mtg, US elections @InquirerBiz

Yesterday 12:12 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sen De Lima believes that CGMA, PDAF politicians & some officials in [INC] are helping President Duterte in destroying her. | @carlalimnews5

Yesterday 12:09 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Even NCRPO Dir Supt Albayalde was included in the complaint of obstruction of justice.

Yesterday 12:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Soonest" Sen De Lima said when asked when she'll be filing the charges against President Duterte. | via @carlalimnews5

Yesterday 11:50 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

De Lima: "May mga kasong i-fifile kasama ang pangulo, because he's the head of this." | via @carlalimnews5

Yesterday 11:50 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sen De Lima will file charges against President Duterte and his allies. | via @carlalimnews5

Yesterday 11:50 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Some members of De Lima's legal team were from San Beda Law. De Lima: "Some were my sisters from sorority" | @carlalimnews5

Yesterday 11:49 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sen. De Lima's legal team has a plan to counter all the allegations against her by the admin. | via @carlalimnews5

Yesterday 11:49 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sen De Lima to SOJ: "Even if they try, they can't find any money trail because I'm not involved in that drug trade.…

Yesterday 11:48 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


Yesterday 11:18 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei: Philippine mining&oil index outperform, industrials conglomerates & property undrer performs

Yesterday 11:16 AM from iTradePh [Link]

nickel 10,147.0 dn 82.50 dn 0.83%

Yesterday 11:06 AM from iTradePh [Link]

crude oil 49.20 brent oil 50.02

Yesterday 11:05 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PLDT, Globe to own 95.45 percent of Liberty

Yesterday 11:05 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Poverty incidence slid to 21.6% in 2015 from 25.2% in 2012 and 26.3% in 2009,NEDA

Yesterday 11:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei secb up 1.87% 218.00 pcor up 0.78% 10.28 scc up 0.56% 126.70 mer dn 2.46% 278.00 urc dn 2.65% 180.00 jgs dn 2.25% 73.85

Yesterday 11:01 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Colliers: other institutional reforms that could benefit property sector (aside from infra spending) @InquirerBiz

Yesterday 11:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

ALL Stock alt up 9.81% 3.87 lihc up 13.48% 1.01 cat dn 11.47% 33.20 bel dn 3.06% 2.85

Yesterday 10:58 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Psei dn 0.89% at 7,427.840 10:56am

Yesterday 10:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Now: Colliers property briefing with focus on impact of infrastructure, robotics @InquirerBiz

Yesterday 10:44 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Jobs in outsourcing sector forecast to rise to 1.8m by 2022 from 1.15m this year. Association Seeks Duterte Meeting on U.S. Policy.

Yesterday 10:29 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Outsourcing Industry Forecasts estimated $22.9b revenue this 2016

Yesterday 10:28 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Outsourcing Industry Forecasts $38.9b Revenue BY 2022

Yesterday 10:28 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PCOR to build 200 stations in 2017,

Yesterday 10:26 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Minority bloc pushes for plunder, bribery, drug trafficking cases vs De Lima et al. over Bilibid drug trade. | via @lirafernandez

Yesterday 10:25 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

GUIDANCE : PCOR expects operating income this year to reach 20b pesos and net income to rise at least 30%.

Yesterday 10:25 AM from iTradePh [Link]

HLCM 3Q16 +15% to P1.76b construction in the country boosted its sales during a period historically marked by a slowdown in demand.

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

CIC 9M16 Profit after Tax +43% to due to Sales +20%

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PXP Reported consolidated net loss as of September dropped to P38.5 million, compared with P118.1 million during the same period last year

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MER is also looking at opportunities in renewable energy in the Visayas and two to three power projects in Mindanao.

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MBT : NPL ratio maintained at 1.1% with a coverage provision at 85%.

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MBT thrift bank arm, PSB 9M16 Net Income +7.7% to P1.73 billion; Core income +10.7%

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

UBP Net interest income P10.9B up P2.2B, fees amounting to P3.2B up P400M. 3Q16 gains frm equities support the bank's loan growth strategy

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MER is also seeking to expand its distribution franchise outside of Metro Manila, including Batangas and Zamboanga.

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

AP : 4Q16 Net profit +61% to P6.6b Of the total, power accounted for 63%, banking 22%, food 7%, infrastructure 7%, real estate 1%.

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

UBP +122% to P8.2 billion due to robust growth in net interest income and fees coupled with profits from the sale of securities

Yesterday 10:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

#Microsoft aims at Apple with high-end PCs, 3D software

Yesterday 10:11 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

GTCAP P12B offering was oversubscribed by almost 7x by institutional and trading participants, with the orders totaling P55.1 billion

Yesterday 9:54 AM from iTradePh [Link]

AP Net Income +24% to P15.1 billion, Core Net Income +17% to P15.2 billion

Yesterday 9:54 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Should that support hold, implies PSEi establishing base of support. Should it break, next supports are 7200, 7000.

Yesterday 9:50 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Technicals: Breaking below the 7500 level implies possible retest of 7312.

Yesterday 9:50 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi 7,494.41 declined 85.81 its. or 1.13%, NFS 613 million.

Yesterday 9:50 AM from iTradePh [Link]

“A consensus is always good,” Minority Leader Recto said.

Yesterday 9:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philex Mining's attributable 9mo net profit up 59% YoY to P1.35B; core profit up 64% YoY to P1.33B @InquirerBiz

Yesterday 8:52 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSBank's 9mo net profit up 7.7% YoY to P1.9B

Yesterday 8:46 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"I want them out and if I have to revise or abrogate agreements, executive agreements, I will."

Yesterday 8:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

BenguetCorp Nickel Mines unit laid off more than 1,000 workers since mine suspension.

Yesterday 8:36 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BC : BenguetCorp Nickel Mines filed petition for certiorari with injunction to assail DENR suspension order, parent Benguet Corp

Yesterday 8:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PLDT, Globe own 95.45 percent of Liberty after tender offer

Yesterday 7:48 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Japan's ISE Foods eyes $50M PH egg venture,partnership w/Jollibee,DoubleDragon

Yesterday 7:45 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

New taxes not included in Duterte legislative agenda

Yesterday 7:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

IT and Business Process Association to unveil roadmap this morning. 70% of BPO business is from U.S.A.

Yesterday 6:45 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Ytd foreign investors sold net $12.7m of Philippine stocks, President DU30 wants all foreign troops out of the Philippines in 2yrs.

Yesterday 6:45 AM from iTradePh [Link]

The maritime safety administration gave no other details, apart from prohibiting other ships from entering the area.

Yesterday 6:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


Yesterday 6:34 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Dow up 0.17% S&p dn 0.17% Nasdaq dn 0.63% Gold 1266.90 up 0.02% Oil 49.25 up 0.14% Vix 14.24 up 5.79% Phi 32.10 dn 3.14%

Yesterday 6:20 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Good Morning Philippines

Yesterday 2:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Dow up .10% S&p 500 dn 0.26% Nasdaq dn 0.68% Phi 32.19 dn 2.87% 2:52am

Yesterday 2:55 AM from iTradePh [Link]

US crude down 1.6% at $49.18

Yesterday 2:49 AM from iTradePh [Link]

RT @Adcey26: NW: @Cathy__Yang and @iamkarendavila on ANC presents: "Doing Business Under The New Normal."

Yesterday 1:08 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PHI in oversold territory, low at $32.00 per share. Trading Buy

Yesterday 1:03 AM from iTradePh [Link]

RT @Cathy__Yang: Missed #TheBossANC earlier today? Catch the replay on ANC now. Meanwhile, here's the rest of the replay schedule.

Yesterday 12:51 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeReads : Japan opens up to foreign workers - just don't call it immigration

Yesterday 12:42 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Duterte threatened on Tuesday to get rid of EDCA if he were in power long enough.

Yesterday 12:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


Yesterday 12:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

S.Korea : Hyundai Motor Net Income Falls 29% as Strikes Cut Production

Yesterday 12:33 AM from iTradePh [Link]

HongKong : Galaxy Casino Beat Quarterly Profit Estimates on increased Tourist Visits

Yesterday 12:32 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeOpinions: The Daily Tribune News - BSP cold to put more government men at MB

Yesterday 12:22 AM from iTradePh [Link]

ITradeOpinions : Philippines' Duterte tells Japan his China visit...

Yesterday 12:16 AM from iTradePh [Link]

GTCAP 1337.00: GT Capital lists P12-billion perpetual preferred shares.

Yesterday 12:07 AM from iTradePh [Link]

AP : SN Aboitiz Power settles tax dispute with Benguet

Yesterday 12:06 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Three new iPhone 8 models to be launched next year may have glass backs .

Yesterday 12:03 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Read the full text of the joint statement here:

10/26/2016 11:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@COMELEC: Duterte not singled out by campaign finance office over Marcos 'donation'

10/26/2016 10:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Wala pang nakakasuhan ng economic sabotage kaya’t malakas pa rin ang loob ng mga smugglers na ito."

10/26/2016 9:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Pacman feeling the grind.

10/26/2016 9:18 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Bank of China 3Q Net 41.8b Yuan Vs 40.8b Yuan Year Ago

10/26/2016 8:55 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Coaching Ginebra is like coaching Gilas, says Tim Cone.

10/26/2016 8:50 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

'A SLAP IN THE FACE' | Warriors vow to bounce back after Spurs mauling

10/26/2016 8:48 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Coca-Cola earnings: 49 cents a share, vs 48 cents est.

10/26/2016 8:38 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"More deadly violence in the Philippines involving alliances of pro-ISIS groups is a matter of when, not if."

10/26/2016 8:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Derrick Rose fuming over Knicks loss

10/26/2016 8:36 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says the Philippines will work with Japan on issues of mutual concern including the South China Sea.

10/26/2016 8:35 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PX 8.28 Completion of Silangan project’s definitive feasibility study’s third-party review on track and will be completed early 2017

10/26/2016 8:35 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PX 8.28, Revenue +7% y/y to 7.705b pesos, gold contributed 4.797b pesos, 27.1m pounds of copper, up 6% y/y; gold production 79,845 ounces

10/26/2016 8:34 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PX up 0.24% 8.28, 9-Month Profit Jumps 59% Y/y to 1.36b Php, due to improved tonnage, higher copper output and fav…

10/26/2016 8:33 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 7.20 to raise about Php 30b for two expressway projects which will start next year, China a possible source of construction technology

10/26/2016 8:31 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 3Q net lower q/q, but more optimistic about 4Q, Rodrigo Franco tells Bloomberg

10/26/2016 8:29 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Jayson Castro joins Team Philippines in FIBA 3×3 World Tour Final

10/26/2016 8:28 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

MPI dn 1.23% 7.20, Tollways CAPEX set at more than 20b-Peso in 2017 for Cavite-Laguna expressway, Cebu-Cordova expressway and Harbor proj.

10/26/2016 8:26 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Rodrigo Duterte, in Japan, Calls for U.S. Troops to Exit Philippines in 2 Years

10/26/2016 8:20 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Japanese Prime Miniser Shinzo Abe welcomes Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s efforts to improve ties with China.

10/26/2016 8:19 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MVP: Manuel Pangilinan considering ventures with Japanese companies for railways in Philippines

10/26/2016 8:18 PM from iTradePh [Link]

.looked to network of friendships and alliances, and ever stronger bilateral ties to promote regional peace, stability and maritime security

10/26/2016 8:17 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe explained to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte the importance of the US-Japan alliance in the region.

10/26/2016 8:16 PM from iTradePh [Link]

TEL: PLDT, Smart restore services following super typhoon Lawin, provide assistance to affected communities

10/26/2016 8:15 PM from iTradePh [Link]

AEV 76.40 Agri unit PILMICO to export feeds to Indonesia

10/26/2016 8:13 PM from iTradePh [Link]

AP up 0.11% 45.40 1-Year Return 6.33% 52 Wk Range 38.40-49.00 pe 17.06 revenue 86.59b yield 2.65%

10/26/2016 8:11 PM from iTradePh [Link]

AP up 0.11% 45.40 1-Year Return 6.33% 52 Wk Range 38.40-49.00 pe 17.06 revenue 86.59b yield 2.65%

10/26/2016 8:09 PM from iTradePh [Link]

AEV 76.40 Looking at Manila airport,regional airports, LRT-2 rail project 1-year return 35.29% 52 wk range 52.50-8…

10/26/2016 8:04 PM from iTradePh [Link]

AP interested in Philippine and Indonesian assets of Chevron, Blackstone’s stakes in 2 Philippine power plants not yet final

10/26/2016 7:58 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Guidance: AP 45.40,Aboitiz Power to raise domestic generating capacity to 4,000 mW,m, Looking at Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar.

10/26/2016 7:56 PM from iTradePh [Link]

10/26/2016: PHILIPPINES NET FOREIGN SELLING: Php 613,256,517.55

10/26/2016 7:49 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Europe Falls dac dn 1.02% ftse dn 0.99% cac dn 0.77% stoxx dn 0.82%

10/26/2016 7:46 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Asian Markets Fall Shanghai dn 0.46% Shenzhen dn 0.37% Twii dn 0.25% hsi dn 1.02% asx 200 dn 1.53% kospi dn 1.14% sti dn 0.89%

10/26/2016 7:44 PM from iTradePh [Link]


10/26/2016 7:40 PM from iTradePh [Link]

December Brent oil contract fell 1.24% or 0.63 to trade at $50.16 a barrel.

10/26/2016 7:39 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Crude oil for delivery in December fell 1.32% or 0.66 to hit $49.30 a barrel,

10/26/2016 7:39 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Gold for December delivery was up 0.07% or 0.95 to $1274.55 a troy ounce.

10/26/2016 7:39 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PSE: Declines outnumbered gains by 136 to 55 and 39 ended unchanged.

10/26/2016 7:38 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"Basically, the glut continues and demand is not coming back," said Phil Davis, a trader at PSW Investments.

10/26/2016 7:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Worst performers were LTG dn 4.47% at 14.52, AGI dn 3.95% 14.60, Secb dn 3.69% at 214.00

10/26/2016 7:36 PM from iTradePh [Link]

EDC up 0.68% or 0.040 points to end at 5.940 and Ayala Corp was up 0.59% or 5.000 points to 855.000 in late trade.

10/26/2016 7:33 PM from iTradePh [Link]

The best performer of the session on the PSEi Composite were URC which gained 1.15% or 2.100 points to trade at 184.900 at the close.

10/26/2016 7:32 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Stocks Fall 1.13% At 7494.41 On Close 1-Year Return 3.49% 52 wk range 6,084.28 -8,118.44 All Sectors Fall

10/26/2016 7:30 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Why UP Pep Squad is skipping this year’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition

10/26/2016 7:13 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippine Stocks Fall 1.13% At 7494.41 On Close

10/26/2016 7:02 PM from iTradePh [Link]

UP sends NU to 6th straight loss, boosts Final 4 bid

10/26/2016 6:54 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Now: Aboitiz Equity Ventures briefing on Q3 results @InquirerBiz

10/26/2016 6:14 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"I want my country free of the presence of foreign military troops. I want them out."

10/26/2016 6:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: PH will continue to work closely w/ Japan on isues of common concern including the South China Sea. | via…

10/26/2016 6:03 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

“The Philippine financial system remained sound and stable in the first semester of 2016” | via @meltlopez…

10/26/2016 6:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

UAAP: La Salle hammers UE by 29 points to go 12-0

10/26/2016 5:57 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Filipinos are the happiest employees in Southeast Asia. Srsly.

10/26/2016 5:46 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Abe: Both Japan and PH maritime relations support maritime safety capability. | via @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 5:46 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Japan PM Abe: This year marks milestone of 60th anniv of diplomatic relations of Japan and Philippines. | via @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 5:44 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

ONGOING | President Duterte and Prime Minister Abe deliver joint statement in Japan. LIVE:

10/26/2016 5:44 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

LOOK: Sec Dominguez and JICA pres sign document on loan agreement for maritime safety project for PH coastguard | v…

10/26/2016 5:42 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Pichay called Barbers’s actions a “gross violation” of the Rules on Conduct of the House.

10/26/2016 5:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

The blurry drunk driving situation in the Philippines | via @BWorldUniv

10/26/2016 4:54 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Presidential irritability over impertinent questions can elicit rage, causing a diplomatic row" | via @BWorldUniv…

10/26/2016 4:27 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

When hiring new employees, what can companies learn from the movie, The Devil Wears Prada? | via @BWorldUniv…

10/26/2016 4:16 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Most use phones to listen to music online, study says | via @BWorldUniv

10/26/2016 4:02 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"When it comes to storytelling, the simplest and clearest become the most memorable" | via @erikadzn for…

10/26/2016 3:43 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi loses 85.81 pts or 1.13% to close at 7,494.41 as oil slump weighs down regional marts @InquirerBiz

10/26/2016 3:36 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Economics can teach you how to dine as a couple | via @BWorldUniv

10/26/2016 3:35 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Prosecutors condemn the killing of Mati city prosecutor; urge PNP, NBI to conduct parallel investigations | via…

10/26/2016 3:34 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Erap, GMA: ex-foes now allies in support of National Child Devt Center at PLM

10/26/2016 3:33 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Economics can teach you how to dine as a couple

10/26/2016 3:32 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

US Ambassador Goldberg said that Sec Tugade was on an unpublicized trip to China in June with Senator Cayetano.

10/26/2016 2:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

GT Capital completes P12B preferred share sale, oversubscribed by nearly 7X

10/26/2016 2:26 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


10/26/2016 2:07 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei back above 7500 at 7,501.640 -78.58 (-1.04%) 1:59pm

10/26/2016 1:59 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Audi Recalls 67,341 Vehicles in Japan for Air Bags, models including the Audi A3 to replace air bag inflators that may rupture.

10/26/2016 1:58 PM from iTradePh [Link]

UBP up 1.33% at 76.00 , lender 9-Month Income Rose to 8.2b Pesos

10/26/2016 1:57 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Will Carlo Lastimosa continue to blossom now that he's with the NLEX Road Warriors?

10/26/2016 1:55 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Market Resumes 7,507.960-72.26 (-0.95%)

10/26/2016 1:40 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Union Bank’s 9-month profit up 122% to P8.1B @InquirerBiz

10/26/2016 1:38 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Each approved claim receives P10,000.

10/26/2016 1:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Bangko Sentral sets October inflation at 1.9-2.7%

10/26/2016 1:30 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Spurs thrash Kevin Durant, Warriors on opening night

10/26/2016 1:28 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Spurs thrash Kevin Durant, Warriors on opening night

10/26/2016 1:25 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

AEV's 9-month net profit up 44% YoY to P17.1B @InquirerBiz

10/26/2016 1:24 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

TradeAlert: UBP dn 1.33% 74.00 : LENDER 9-M NET 8.2B PHP VS 3B PHP YR AGO, 1 Year Return 31.58% 52 wk range 54.00 -…

10/26/2016 1:20 PM from iTradePh [Link]

LeBron posts triple-double as Cavs begin title defense with rout of Knicks

10/26/2016 12:54 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Tell our men, the officers who had said this, if they had balls, they should talk to me."

10/26/2016 12:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

What do you think of this trade? #Lastimosa #Forrester #NLEX #Blackwater

10/26/2016 12:29 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

HLCM dn 2.89% at 16.12 : Co. 3Q Net up 1.76b Pesos, Revenue at 10b pesos, Expense 7.53b pesos vs 7.83b pesos, EPS: P0.27 vs P0.24

10/26/2016 12:23 PM from iTradePh [Link]

ONGOING | President Duterte speaks at the Philippine Economic Forum in Tokyo, Japan. LIVE:

10/26/2016 12:23 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte says PH counts on Japan to further extend its valuable support on promoting rural development, agriculture productivity. | @PTVph

10/26/2016 12:22 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: With China, we only talked about investments. | via @PTVph

10/26/2016 12:22 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: We (China) did not talk about arms. We avoided talking about military alliances. | via @PTVph

10/26/2016 12:21 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Duterte: We need to prioritize agricultural development, particularly in rural areas. | via @PTVph

10/26/2016 12:21 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

President Duterte says he wishes to underscore that the stronger economic ties with Japan has been a priority for PH. | via @PTVph

10/26/2016 12:21 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

NOW: President Duterte speaks before businessmen in Phil Econ Forum in Tokyo, Japan. | via @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 12:20 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Holcim Philippines Says 3Q Net Income Rose to 1.76b Pesos

10/26/2016 12:20 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi slides below 7,500 in morning trade as slump in oil prices spooks regional markets @InquirerBiz

10/26/2016 12:09 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

The protesters urge the Duterte administration to order the military back to their barracks.

10/26/2016 12:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

DTI Sec Lopez says among top priorities of PH business is manufacturing of cars, where Japan plays active participation. | @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 12:02 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

DA Sec Pinol speaks before businessmen in Phil Econ forum in Tokyo; explains about agri business in PH | via @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 12:02 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Mga kinatawan mula sa kampo ni VP @lenirobredo at Sen @bongbongmarcos kasama sa pag-iinspeksyon ng mga VCM. | via @dindoflora

10/26/2016 12:01 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


10/26/2016 12:01 PM from iTradePh [Link]


10/26/2016 12:01 PM from iTradePh [Link]

1,356 Contingency Vote Counting Machines ng Comelec sinimulan nang inspeksyunin bago i-turn over sa Smartmatic. | v…

10/26/2016 12:01 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sec Dominguez lays down plans for a pro-poor tax program, which will lower individual and company income tax rates. | via @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 11:57 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Dominguez expalains to business community in Tokyo why Duterte called for ConCon: "to open up economy limited by consti" | @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 11:57 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Dominguez tells business community in Tokyo that for the next 6 yrs,"We will work to sustain GDP growth of 17% or better. | @maeannelosbanos

10/26/2016 11:56 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

BSP will auction 10b php of 7-day term deposits, 120b pesos of 28-day deposits, Inflation this month may be 1.9% to 2.7%

10/26/2016 11:55 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Sec Dominguez speaks before Filipino and Japanese biz community in Tokyo; lays econ agenda under Duterte admin | vi…

10/26/2016 11:55 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

ICYMI: @BangkoSentral: Oct inflation may log between 1.9-2.7% due to higher oil prices, food costs in typhoon-affected areas |via @meltlopez

10/26/2016 11:53 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

TRADE ALERT: Carlo Lastimosa acquired by NLEX, reunites with uncle Jolas

10/26/2016 11:49 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Psei 7,506.210 down 0.98%, conglomerates consumer banks property lead decline.

10/26/2016 11:47 AM from iTradePh [Link]

HSBC: renminbi to be major trading currency in PH

10/26/2016 11:47 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


10/26/2016 11:40 AM from iTradePh [Link]

San Miguel offers to build new airport via unsolicited bid

10/26/2016 11:40 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

AP:expects to meet target of 4,000 mW by 2020 Power distribution business’ earnings share +11% to 2.9b pesos

10/26/2016 11:26 AM from iTradePh [Link]

AP: Generation accounted for 80% of earnings, +26% to 12b pesos; attributable net energy sales +13% y/y to 10,308 gWh]

10/26/2016 11:26 AM from iTradePh [Link]

AP: Aboitiz Power dn 0.44% 45.15, 9-Month Profit Rose 24% Y/y to 15.1b php, EPS of P2.05, Core profit +17% y/y to 15.2bphp

10/26/2016 11:25 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Bloom falls 3.77% , at overbought levels, distribution signal alert, yesterday was best time to take profits. hindsight!!!

10/26/2016 10:53 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei pcor dn 0.76% 10.44 dmc dn 1.07% 12.92 bpi dn 0.87% 10.44 meg dn 0.71% 4.19 ap dn 0.66% 45.05 fgen dn 0.64% 23.30 secb dn 0.54% 221.00

10/26/2016 10:48 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi agi dn 3.29% 14.70 jgs dn 1.95% 75.50 bdo dn 1.65 113.00 gtcap dn 1.60 1349.00 aev dn 1.55% 76.05 ict dn 1.49% 75.85 mpi dn 1.10% 75.85

10/26/2016 10:46 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Psei Falls 0.81% 7,518.940 -61.28 , All Indices underperform led by conglomerates banks consumer proper…

10/26/2016 10:43 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Psei Falls 0.81% 7,518.940 -61.28 , All Indices underperform led by conglomerates banks consumer property

10/26/2016 10:42 AM from iTradePh [Link]

"We are afraid to go out fishing on our own because we might be attacked out in the open water."

10/26/2016 9:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Record 113 international players from 41 nations open NBA season

10/26/2016 9:28 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sweden wants #EU to switch to emission-free cars by 2030

10/26/2016 9:27 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Manny Pacquiao not looking beyond next fight

10/26/2016 9:20 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Big tech-media mergers raise fresh privacy concerns

10/26/2016 9:19 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


10/26/2016 9:19 AM from iTradePh [Link]


10/26/2016 9:17 AM from iTradePh [Link]

ICTSI inaugurates $130-M Basra port project,Iraq

10/26/2016 9:17 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Most Asia stock fall as Apple earnings miss est., yen gains and crude oil falls below $50/bbl.

10/26/2016 9:13 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI : Metro Pacific’s lost revenues due to delayed implementation of tariff adjustments in toll fees have accumulated to 5b pesos

10/26/2016 9:07 AM from iTradePh [Link]


10/26/2016 9:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Non-state actor likely behind US #cyberattack

10/26/2016 8:53 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Mag-iimbestiga kami kapag hindi nila ginawa yun sanction, kapag hindi nila pinarusahan."

10/26/2016 8:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

RLC unveils P6B upscale O...

10/26/2016 8:16 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

RLC unveils P6B upscale O...

10/26/2016 8:16 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

NCRPO will deploy 9,533 police personnel on Oct 29 to Nov 2 to ensure a safe, secure, and orderly UNDAS 2016.

10/26/2016 7:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Biggest Singapore Suburban Mall on Sale for Over S$2B, Proposed sale of Jurong Point more than S$3,000 per square foot

10/26/2016 7:32 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Asia futures fall after U.S. stocks decline on weak consumer confidence & mixed corporate earnings.

10/26/2016 7:30 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Crude traded below $50 on speculation that Russia won’t join OPEC to curb supply.

10/26/2016 7:29 AM from iTradePh [Link]

RLC : Robinsons Land ventures into luxury residential service with Starwood Hotels

10/26/2016 6:55 AM from iTradePh [Link]

"These Americans are really crazy. Their style is to walk here. They think they are somebodies."

10/26/2016 6:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

DENR Final Decision on Mine Audit Out in Early November...

10/26/2016 6:10 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Duterte Warns U.S. Their Defense Treaty Is at Risk, Says He’s Not a Lapdog, Doesn’t Want Foreign Troops in Philippine soil.

10/26/2016 6:09 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SMC to bid for the Philippine airports

10/26/2016 6:07 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Shares of Australian tourism stocks may go south. Dreamworld theme park remains closed after a fun ride accident in were 4 people died.

10/26/2016 5:37 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Saudi Stocks Best Rally So Far On Government Record Bond Sale.

10/26/2016 5:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Dow down .30% S&p down .38% Nasdaq down .50% Oil 49.30 down 2.41% Gold 1274.30 up 0.84% 10y T 1.758 dn 0.005% $/¥104.17

10/26/2016 5:33 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Fast-food chains, appliances, sports apparel,home-renovation. A Selloff in consumer-discretionary. As bets rise that U.S. economy is weak.

10/26/2016 5:27 AM from iTradePh [Link]


10/26/2016 5:21 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Good Morning Manila

10/26/2016 5:19 AM from iTradePh [Link]

AAPL : Apple earnings: $1.67 per share vs expected EPS of $1.66

10/26/2016 5:17 AM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. Stocks close lower a on mixed earnings data, consumer stocks decline 1%.

10/26/2016 5:17 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI : MPIC consolidates toll road business, merges TMC and MNTC

10/26/2016 3:15 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SM may buy-in in dorm builder, My Town.

10/26/2016 3:14 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SMC in P205-B CAPEX for Philippine infra projects.

10/26/2016 3:13 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MER : RP Energy finalizing P30-B bank loans for Subic plant.

10/26/2016 3:12 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Renminbi now part of Philippine forex reserves. Philippine central bank will be opportunistic on Yuan accumulation, buy low & sell high.

10/26/2016 3:11 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Coca-Cola & Kirin may JV in Japan on capital partnership amid high price competition in market, can happen soonest.

10/26/2016 3:08 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Zijin Mining, Shandong Gold held separate talks with Barrick Gold to buy 50% stake in Veladero gold mine in Argentina, Reuters

10/26/2016 3:05 AM from iTradePh [Link]


10/26/2016 3:03 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Oil down 1.1% at $49.96, as OPEC says " u first! no way! am not your lap dog!, & a strong dollar.😄

10/26/2016 3:03 AM from iTradePh [Link]

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