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Metro Pacific to push through with Mindanao investment I via @_kmontealegre

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China April Industrial Companies’ Profit Rises 14% at 572.8b yuan

Today 11:11 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeE: Cirque du Soleil returns to Manila with 'Avatar'-inspired show

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Real Time Technical Analysis Summary via @investingcom -

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PLDT enterprise revenue up 13% to P8.5 B in Q1

Today 7:50 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Metro Manila will be cloudy, expect rainshowers

Today 7:39 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Dow closed at 21,080.28, down -2.67 or -0.01%. S&P 500 closed at 2,415.82 up 0.75 or 0.03%. Nasdaq closed at 6,210.19 up 4.93 or 0.08%.

Today 7:33 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Metro Pacific to launch awesome project on southern Philippine island soon, says Chairman Manuel Pangilinan Hush for the meantime #MVP

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PLDT Raised to Outperform at ..., PT at...

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2066 As of the end of 2013, Earth has nearly 1.688 trillion barrels of crude, which will last 53.3 years at current rates of extraction.

Today 7:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

How long will our oil reserves last?

Today 7:19 AM from iTradePh [Link]

We use 93 million barrels of oil and liquid fuels per day worldwide – that works out to more than 34 billion barrels a year. 2015 data

Today 7:18 AM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. shale output prove too much temptation for OPEC countries to stick to their own production promises? Every oil producer to himself .

Today 7:13 AM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. shale output may offset OPEC production cuts .

Today 7:09 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Crude $48.90/bbl Brent $52.15/bbl

Today 6:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Oil prices firm up as OPEC agree to extend oil production cuts plus 9 months.

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6'1" Thompson currently leads rebounding among locals, while 6'11" Fajardo is second. Wait, what??? 😮

Yesterday 10:50 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

MPI will announce huge investment on southern Philippine island soon, MVP says.. dint give details..grr

Yesterday 10:40 PM from iTradePh [Link]

TEL upgraded to Outperform

Yesterday 10:39 PM from iTradePh [Link]

BSP expects 2.9%-3.7% inflation range for May

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Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

Yesterday 10:33 PM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. Markets open flat/lower on Memorial Day weekend dow -0.07% s&p 500 -0.01% nasdaq 0.00%

Yesterday 10:32 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Who's next?

Yesterday 10:20 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Ginebra ousts Blackwater, moves closer to twice-to-beat

Yesterday 10:11 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Lagman said the deliberation will give the public the opportunity to know pros and cons of the declaration of ML.

Yesterday 9:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Rebel negotiators ask CPP to take back order for intensified NPA attacks

Yesterday 9:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PBA players first choice for Team Philippines in FIBA 3×3 World Cup

Yesterday 8:45 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"More than trusting the President, we should put our trust in our check-and-balance mechanisms."

Yesterday 8:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PH plans to invite Russian weapon manufacturers to set up shop in Bataan

Yesterday 8:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Terrence Romeo rescues GlobalPort against Rain or Shine

Yesterday 7:32 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

CENSOR OR CENSURE? | AFP’s foggy pronouncement: Government may clamp down on media, incl social media, in Mindanao…

Yesterday 7:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Aid not reaching evacuees on Marawi outskirts – Moro activist

Yesterday 6:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

READ | Duterte report to Congress: local terrorists set to establish ‘province’ for ISIS

Yesterday 6:28 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Makabayan lawmakers fear Duterte martial law to also target progressives

Yesterday 5:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Alvarez: It’s common sense for Martial Law to be imposed on the whole of Mindanao

Yesterday 4:44 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippine Company confidence index increased to 43% in 2Q from 39.4% previous quarter,BSP

Yesterday 4:36 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Institutional & Foreign Funds opportunistic buying offsets "sell to safety" reaction on martial law imposed earlier this week,

Yesterday 4:20 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei closed flat at 7,867.490.

Yesterday 4:20 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Alsons sees net profit to decline this year until completion of power plant's second section | via @victorsaulon…

Yesterday 4:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi closed at 7867.49 -4.16 pts. -0.05%. Range 7858.77-7885.42. Exchange Volume of 1.7B shares; valued at Php7.6B.

Yesterday 3:38 PM from iTradePh [Link]

“As every Filipino knows, esp the poor & downtrodden, proving one’s innocence to the military is often impossible.”

Yesterday 3:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

High prices in first quarter keep rice farmers profitable, @bigas_NFA says | via @elijahtubayan…

Yesterday 3:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Cathay Financial to buy the Bank of Nova Scotia Berhad,Malaysian Unit for $255m

Yesterday 3:15 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Big lenders fail to meet agri-agra credit quota | via @meltlopez

Yesterday 3:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Tim Cone wary of rivals’ ‘pure center’ imports as Ginebra guns for twice-to-beat

Yesterday 2:49 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Trump scolds NATO allies, says they owe ‘massive’ sums

Yesterday 2:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Banks build up capital buffers ahead of leverage ratio rollout | via @meltlopez

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Yesterday 2:17 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Cavs set up another finals date with Warriors

Yesterday 2:07 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi 7872.33 +0.68 pts. +0.01%. Range 7858.77-7885.42. Exchange Volume of 659.2M shares; valued at Php3.7B.

Yesterday 2:03 PM from iTradePh [Link]

OPED | Transgender policy: he or she as they want to be via @jemygatdula

Yesterday 2:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

👑 surpasses 🐐

Yesterday 1:53 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

iTradeTrending 1:45am vita 2.02 ani 7.25 ali 40.05 meg 4.61 agi 15.30 ict 101.60 tel 1738.00 pcor 10.76 crown 5.57 tugs 3.07

Yesterday 1:49 PM from iTradePh [Link]

The PNP reminded law enforcers to comply with the provisions of the laws so as not to violate human rights.

Yesterday 1:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Market Resumes Trading 7,872.670+1.02 (0.01%)

Yesterday 1:35 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 6.49 proposes an express rail services from Manila to Clark Airport in Pampamga

Yesterday 1:34 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 6.49 proposes a JV with government to expand & operate Clark airport in Pampanga .

Yesterday 1:33 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 6.49 hospital unit looking at centralized laboratory facilities.

Yesterday 1:31 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 6.49 Hospital unit targets 5,000 bed; via acquisition.

Yesterday 1:29 PM from iTradePh [Link]

MPI 6.49 Water unit to increase water supply to 325m liters/day by end-2017 from 150m liters/day I

Yesterday 1:27 PM from iTradePh [Link]

.@pldt credit rating affirmed despite higher country risk | via @charleedelavin

Yesterday 1:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

LP to oppose martial law expansion, HRW fears escalation of abuses

Yesterday 12:37 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Tax reform expected to improve gov’t revenue as share of GDP | via @elijahtubayan

Yesterday 12:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"Wala pang martial law katakot-takot na ang human rights violations."

Yesterday 12:13 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi 7874.95 +3.30 pts. +0.04%. Range 7858.77-7885.42. Exchange Volume of 486.9M shares; valued at Php3B.

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Metro Manila Council holds a special meeting together with MMDA, PNP, AFP & BFP. Photos c/o @MMDA | via @mongualvez

Yesterday 12:05 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Market Recess: 7,874.950 +3.30 (0.04%) gains: banks property services declines: m-o ind hdg peso/$ 49.865

Yesterday 12:01 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine-Russo pacts herald closer ties, but significance seen largely political | via @ipcigaral…

Yesterday 12:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


Yesterday 11:57 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Entry points to the city are under tight guard with military deploying armored vehicles to reinforce checkpoints.

Yesterday 11:47 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

$MPI investing at least P100B on road projects, outlook in medium term "even more promising" for power, toll roads biz | via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:35 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

$MPI: Negotiations ongoing with foreign partner to improve synergies within hospital network through centralized lab | via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:34 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

AIG to look into PPP, infrastructure investments

Yesterday 11:30 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSE approved WEB application for listing of the second tranche of 118,500,000 shares

Yesterday 11:27 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi 7869.60 -2.05 pts. -0.03%. Range 7858.77-7885.42. Exchange Volume of 345M shares; valued at Php2.2B.

Yesterday 11:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]

$MPI plans to build the first Philippine network of cancer centers | via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:19 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

$MPI in the process of establishing a chain of primary care clinics | via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:19 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

$MPI pursuing over 1.2 million liters per day of bulk water supply, distribution opportunities outside Metro Manila | via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:14 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

$MPI executing approx 86 km of new roads from awarded projects that could potentially triple earnings from tollways unit via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:13 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

$MPI: $MER, GBPC installing at least 4,500 MW of additional generating capacity largely through CFB coal-fired plants | via @_kmontealegre

Yesterday 11:12 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

LASURECO: Umabot na sa 13 oras ang blackout sa buong Lanao del Sur dahil sa punong tumama sa isang transmission lin…

Yesterday 11:07 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Solgen Calida: The proclamation of Martial Law should not be a cause of alarm for law abiding citizens. | via @halili_maricel

Yesterday 11:04 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

FVR: I don't regret supporting President Duterte, martial law should be limited | @PaoloSRomero @PhilippineStar

Yesterday 11:03 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Forbes counts eight Philippine firms in top 2000 global list | via @arra17

Yesterday 11:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


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Yesterday 10:46 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Aeropolis : China to build world-class airport clusters in areas around Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Yesterday 10:42 AM from iTradePh [Link]

.@PrivacyPH commission working with banks to shore up data privacy defenses | via @meltlopez

Yesterday 10:30 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


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HLCM 14.86 +0.68 HLCM declares 0.98 peso/share dv

Yesterday 10:13 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei 7,880.720+9.07 (0.12%) gains: svc pro fin declines m-o ind hdg

Yesterday 10:11 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi 7880.72 +9.07 pts. +0.12%. Range 7858.77-7885.42. Exchange Volume of 154.2M shares; valued at Php899.5M.

Yesterday 10:11 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Declines maxs 19.20 -3.52% jgs -0.96% jfc -1.55% fgen 19.50 -1.02% glo 2098. -0.57%

Yesterday 10:10 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Gainers: web 10.62 up 6.20% vita 2.0 up 4.71% ani 7.11 up 5.33% pnx 10.30 up 3.0%

Yesterday 10:08 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Vietnam 1Q GDP reduced by 0.5% on Samsung Note 7 Recall

Yesterday 9:58 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines Not in a Race to Raise Rates, Says BSP Incoming Governor Nestor Espenilla

Yesterday 9:46 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Asia nikkei -0.18% shanghai -0.21% hsi +0.16% asx200 -0.82% kospi +0.82% shenzhen +0.17% Psei -0.125 Twii -0.09%

Yesterday 9:43 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeTrending 9:40am web 10.34 pnx 10.38 ani 6.88 gtcap 1198 ac 867.00 ali 39.80 jgs 82.70 bloom 10.16 pcor 9.50

Yesterday 9:40 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Market Opens 7,870.030-1.62 (-0.02%)

Yesterday 9:30 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Stocks extend winning streak on Fed hike bets

Yesterday 9:30 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Peso rebounds as Fed turns dovish

Yesterday 9:30 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Authorized stock is the maximum number of common shares that can be issued legally by the company as stated in the company's charter.

Yesterday 9:26 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BPI 1Q Profit Up 26% to 6.3b Pesos

Yesterday 9:21 AM from iTradePh [Link]


Yesterday 9:19 AM from iTradePh [Link]

A Quasi-reorg may eliminate a deficit in its retained earnings account by restating assets, liabilities and equity ...

Yesterday 9:17 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Vita 1.91 plans to quasi-reorg.

Yesterday 9:16 AM from iTradePh [Link]

“The economy is in no way threatened by the imposition of martial law," @SecSonnySays | via @elijahtubayan…

Yesterday 9:16 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Although most of Marawi’s 200,000 residents have fled, there were a number who remained trapped by the fighting

Yesterday 9:15 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

UBP 84.35 Some foreign banks have inquired about investing in Union Bank of the Philippines, says

Yesterday 9:14 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BPI 105.80 lender to accelerate Micro-finance unit from existing 10 to 100 branches

Yesterday 9:10 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Foreign direct investments may reach $11b says BOI

Yesterday 8:40 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Peace and order a precondition to growth; on top of economic reforms, this will attract investments says Budget Secretary Diokno

Yesterday 8:38 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Martial Law “This could be positive because it shows political resolve. It shows how the president is serious in peace and order agenda,”

Yesterday 8:38 AM from iTradePh [Link]

To High To Chase: MCP 9.46 2Go 19.70

Yesterday 8:36 AM from iTradePh [Link]

FNI 2.53 : BUYS BACK 500,000 SHARES AT 2.45-2.53 PESOS

Yesterday 8:30 AM from iTradePh [Link]


Yesterday 8:25 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Overseas Nickel Ore Supply to China May Increase this Year even with supply disruptions from the Philippines.

Yesterday 8:24 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Core CPI It is the consumer price index (CPI) excluding energy and food prices. food and energy prices can be very volatile

Yesterday 8:01 AM from iTradePh [Link]


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Yesterday 7:51 AM from iTradePh [Link]

2nd Day : RED NOSE DAY

Yesterday 7:46 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Yesterday, fourth straight day of inflows of foreign funds into Philippine Stocks. Net Foreign Buying at $10.58m Thursday.

Yesterday 7:38 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeCovers: Annual General Meetings TECH Cirtek Holdings MPI Metro Pacific UBP Union Bank

Yesterday 7:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Nickel Ore Export volumes at lows, DENR Cimatu says he could allow mining in the country as long as it was done responsibly.

Yesterday 7:32 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Stock watch: Gaming extend gains, web 10.00 bloom 10.08 pnx 10.00 mcp 9.46 plc 1.62 lr 4.08 rwm 3.59 bel 4.17

Yesterday 7:16 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Stock watch DD 49.00 : To sell 9.7b peso, 7-yr retail bonds PGOLD 43.10: To consolidate retail stores SMC 108.50: $700m glass plant in Davao

Yesterday 7:12 AM from iTradePh [Link]

WTI Futures down 5.2% to 48.71 U.S. Dollar Index down 0.02% to 97.22 Yen up 0.05% to 111.7800 per US$ U.S. 10Y yield 2.2554%

Yesterday 5:48 AM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. MARKET S&P 500 up 0.4% to 2,415.07 Dow Jones up 0.3% to 21,082.95 Nasdaq up 0.7% to 6,205.26 Gold spot up 0.2% to $1,255.30

Yesterday 5:48 AM from iTradePh [Link]

EUROPE STOXX Europe 600 -0.06% to 392.14 German 10Y yield 0.362% Euro down 0.01% to 1.1209 per US$ Brent Futures down 5% to $51.28/bbl

Yesterday 5:47 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SMC planned Davao Glass facility will cater primarily to the export markets including U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Europe

Yesterday 5:43 AM from iTradePh [Link]

San Miguel is investing $700m to build the biggest glass-manufacturing plant in the Philippines. Operational in 24 months.

Yesterday 5:41 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Asian stocks gained led by South Korea’s stocks record highs and China’s index up most in seven weeks.

Yesterday 5:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. stocks climb at record highs, dollar gained. Retailer data supports steady economic growth.

Yesterday 5:30 AM from iTradePh [Link]

OPEC and its allies will stretch oil production cuts another 9 months.

Yesterday 5:25 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SMC putting up packaging plant in Davao for $700 M

Yesterday 5:23 AM from iTradePh [Link]


Yesterday 5:22 AM from iTradePh [Link]

National Capital Region starts new round of wage hike pleas | via @rajavil

5/25/2017 11:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Impact of Marawi clashes deemed temporary but business groups press for swift resolution via @ipcigaral, @meltlopez…

5/25/2017 11:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PHIVOLCS: Expect aftershocks, but not any damage.

5/25/2017 10:45 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

#EARTHQUAKE | Initial report: 10:27 P.M. Magnitude 5, San Marcelino, Zambales -- Phivolcs STAY SAFE PEOPLE.

5/25/2017 10:42 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Magnitude 5.5 recorded 12 km NE of San Marcelino, Zambales at 10:27pm | via PHIVOLCS @News5AKSYON

5/25/2017 10:39 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

"This tax may actually be a disincentive to grow beyond the threshold and may even keep growth of sales in check"…

5/25/2017 10:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Eight Asian banks eyeing Philippine presence | via @meltlopez

5/25/2017 10:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

OPED | "Lawmakers passed the anti-distracted driving act without full regard for its unintended consequences"…

5/25/2017 9:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Increases in claims: Connecticut 913; Oregon 891; New York 537 Decreases in claims: California 5,512; Illinois 1,035; Michigan 522

5/25/2017 9:19 PM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Rose 1k to 234k; Est. 238k

5/25/2017 9:19 PM from iTradePh [Link]

SMC capex $700 million for new plant in Davao

5/25/2017 9:18 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Holcim Philippines sees strong demand amid infrastructure push | via @arra17

5/25/2017 9:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Security tightened in Metro Manila ‘places of convergence’

5/25/2017 8:44 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


5/25/2017 8:41 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Does boredom deserve the flak it gets from management gurus who value efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence?…

5/25/2017 8:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Tycoon Ongpin hopeful of Xi-Duterte energy deal in South China Sea

5/25/2017 8:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSE agrees to sell back Tektite office to PhilRealty

5/25/2017 7:46 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Faster completion seen for airport projects funded by gov’t, official development assistance | via @charleedelavin…

5/25/2017 7:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Phoenix Petroleum acquiring LPG seller Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc. | via @victorsaulon

5/25/2017 7:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

The Senate briefing is scheduled for Monday, May 29, that for the House on Wednesday, May 31.

5/25/2017 6:44 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@doe_ph orders TransCo role in preparing transmission dev’t plan | via @victorsaulon

5/25/2017 6:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Who do you think will be the No.1 pick if these guys declare for the draft? 🤔

5/25/2017 6:19 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

‘Oversupply’ forces @CebuPacificAir to suspend 3 flights to Middle East | via @cathyrosegarcia…

5/25/2017 6:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Should gov't allow tax-free imports of corn-based sweetener? Business group is open to the idea | via…

5/25/2017 5:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Asian Stocks Climb as China, Philippines Equities Extend gains

5/25/2017 5:24 PM from iTradePh [Link]

itradeTrending 5:18pm web 10.08 ani 6.75 2go 19.70 ali 39.90 ac 867. urc 167. tel 1718. smph 32.8 dmc 13.42 bloom 10.08 bdo 120.50

5/25/2017 5:23 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PLDT's Q1 enterprise revenue grows 13% year-on-year

5/25/2017 5:18 PM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 5:17 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Thursday Peso-dollar rate at P49.83; stocks gain 0.43%

5/25/2017 5:17 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Ang’s Eagle Cement IPO oversubscribed by more than three times its allotment | via @arra17

5/25/2017 5:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

LOOK: Ilang residente sa Iligan City, namigay ng libreng pagkain at tubig sa mga lumikas mula Marawi. (Courtesy: Am…

5/25/2017 4:59 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

READ: Statement of the Liberal Party on President Duterte's declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. | via…

5/25/2017 4:58 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

OPED | "When the firefighting dies down, trust the proud Marawi residents to reclaim their heritage" | via @quipas…

5/25/2017 4:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Police had not confirmed any Islamist motive for Wednesday’s bombing.

5/25/2017 4:26 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Eight Asian banks eyeing Philippine presence, @BangkoSentral senior official says | via @meltlopez…

5/25/2017 4:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

European stocks steady eddie on open

5/25/2017 3:55 PM from iTradePh [Link]

OPEC Set to Extend Cuts as Effort to Clean Glut is slow

5/25/2017 3:53 PM from iTradePh [Link]

My “life is important, but protecting the P&L is more important." iTrade

5/25/2017 3:49 PM from iTradePh [Link]

iTrade: Biggest earthquake ever recorded in Roppongi Hills skyscraper, Makoto Yamada put on his helmet, dropped to his knees, and traded.

5/25/2017 3:47 PM from iTradePh [Link]

UFO : unidentified food object

5/25/2017 3:40 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Lawson recalling 5,040 packs of its boiled herb-flavored “salad chicken” after a customer found a “solid white object” in the product.

5/25/2017 3:38 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Pgold consolidation to result in better inventory management, efficient cash management and simplified reporting.

5/25/2017 3:36 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines' largest labor group seeks new round of wage hikes for Metro Manila workers | via @rajavil…

5/25/2017 3:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Consolidating : to result in better inventory management, efficient cash management and simplified reporting.

5/25/2017 3:29 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Pgold to consolidate all stores catering to the same market group into one company

5/25/2017 3:28 PM from iTradePh [Link]

DD to open 10 more CityMalls across the country, expects to have at least 30 operational malls by YEAREND 2017

5/25/2017 3:27 PM from iTradePh [Link]

DD to sell 7-year retail bonds base size of 6.5b pesos and oversubscription option of 3.2b pesos

5/25/2017 3:27 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Kobe wants to join Gilas.

5/25/2017 3:03 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Market impact of Marawi clashes deemed temporary as business groups seek swift resolution via @ipcigaral,…

5/25/2017 3:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]


5/25/2017 2:54 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippines: 30-40 Bandits in Marawi After 13 Killed.

5/25/2017 2:50 PM from iTradePh [Link]

ALI CHI plans for more luxury realty projects

5/25/2017 2:48 PM from iTradePh [Link]

New all time low shlph today 66.60

5/25/2017 2:33 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Sec: Bello: The President, in no uncertain terms, categorically declared he was not after the New People’s Army | @halili_maricel

5/25/2017 2:33 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Sec. Bello: We are deeply disturbed that CPP made a false reading of the intents of Pres. Duterte in placing Mindanao under Martial Law.

5/25/2017 2:33 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

READ: Statement of Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on President's declaration of Martial Law |…

5/25/2017 2:33 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

SEC says obstacles to raising corporate governance standards in the Philippines remain | via @arra17…

5/25/2017 2:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Benjie Paras believes that these players are capable of winning the PBA MVP award on their rookie year. Agree?

5/25/2017 2:26 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi 7833.50 -4.32 pts. -0.06%. Range 7828.94-7848.21. Exchange Volume of 697.3M shares; valued at Php2.7B.

5/25/2017 2:03 PM from iTradePh [Link]

"Hindi naman ibig sabihin na iba ang pag-unawa natin sa Panginoon, magpapatayan na tayo."

5/25/2017 2:01 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

OPED | "The eight percent rate may be a disincentive to grow beyond the threshold"

5/25/2017 2:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

“We monitored a disturbance in facilities servicing Marawi City. The situation is a little tense" via…

5/25/2017 1:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

There’s no way you can bump heads with China, says Ongpin whose firm has a stake in South China Sea gas field.…

5/25/2017 1:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

UPDATE from LASURECO GM Dr Dipatuan-Ducol: "HINDI TOTOO na tinake over kami, pinalabas lang kami sa area para hindi…

5/25/2017 12:54 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Pres. Duterte signed Proc 216 declaring Martial Law in Mindanao; it was signed on May 23 in Russia (Malacañang phot…

5/25/2017 12:36 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

There were also reports that the extremists may be holding more hostages aside from those earlier reported.

5/25/2017 12:35 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

LOOK: DND Guidance on Presidential Declaration of Martial Law in the entire Island of Mindanao | via @PTVph

5/25/2017 12:31 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Airport upgrades will be built faster under ODA, internal funding than PPPs, gov't says | via @charleedelavin…

5/25/2017 12:30 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippines: Eagle Cement’s IPO oversubscribed, sees $1.5b market cap:

5/25/2017 12:29 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Peso rebounds from 3-week low at 49.884 after foreign funds increased holdings of local equities

5/25/2017 12:27 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Dollar has been weak after the FOMC minutes,

5/25/2017 12:25 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Bank of Korea leaves key interest rate unchanged.

5/25/2017 12:24 PM from iTradePh [Link]

From our location now here in Marawi we keep hearing gun fires. Soldiers say encounter site is just 3km away from us. | via @KatherineImson

5/25/2017 12:22 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PAL President Jaime Bautista says flag carrier may have to revise flight skeds to and from Mindanao in light of imp…

5/25/2017 12:20 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

ALERT: TOSHIBA all bids for chips operation was above 2T yen.

5/25/2017 12:10 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi 7836.84 -0.98 pts. -0.01%. Range 7828.94-7848.21. Exchange Volume of 578.1M shares; valued at Php2B.

5/25/2017 12:08 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Lunch Break Psei 7,836.840-0.98 (-0.01%)

5/25/2017 12:01 PM from iTradePh [Link]

PAL 5.30: PAL Holdings Talks For Investors Ongoing, Co. may increase fare if fuel costs rise

5/25/2017 12:00 PM from iTradePh [Link]

Phoenix Petroleum acquiring LPG reseller Petronas Energy Philippines | via @victorsaulon

5/25/2017 12:00 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Shanghai Composite down 0.06% to 3,062.36 Sensex down 0.2% to 30,301.64 Australia S&P/ASX 200 up 0.2% to 5,778.60 Kospi up 0.8% to 2,336.65

5/25/2017 11:58 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Australia S&P/ASX 200 up 0.2% to 5,778.60 Kospi up 0.8% to 2,336.65

5/25/2017 11:57 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Airbus to Deliver About 200 Aircraft to China in 2017

5/25/2017 11:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

CEB 99.00 loosing out to competitors. Co. Suspends operations in Kuwait Doha Riyadh

5/25/2017 11:54 AM from iTradePh [Link]

TransCo, @doe_ph should collaborate in evaluation of @NGCP_ALERT's transmission plan, order says | via…

5/25/2017 11:30 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@risahontiveros says @AttyLeila's request to the Court is "reasonable"

5/25/2017 11:26 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Proactive maintenance can save an average of 50% of capital expenditure

5/25/2017 11:25 AM from iTradePh [Link]

TEL 1669.00: Partners Group to acquire PLDT’s SPi Global for $330M

5/25/2017 11:25 AM from iTradePh [Link]

web 9.67 up 11.02% on ....

5/25/2017 11:22 AM from iTradePh [Link]

However, @risahontiveros says she's "losing confidence" in Martial Law because of the President's statements | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:21 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@risahontiveros says she's not calling to revoke Martial Law yet, as Congress still awaits the report of the President | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:21 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

BDO 121.00 8410 JP : BDO Unibank and Seven Bank sign Business Alliance Agreement

5/25/2017 11:20 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeTrending 11:20am web 9.55 vita 2.00 pnx 9.98 ali 39.00 urc 167.90 mcp 9.43 mpi 6.51 meg 4.46 pcor 10.74 agi 15.30 perc6.37

5/25/2017 11:18 AM from iTradePh [Link]

.@risahontiveros: Once situation in Marawi has been stabilized, Congress will highly consider to limit ML in less than 60 days via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:14 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Psei 7,835.970-1.85 (-0.02%) Philippines Weekly Foreign Portfolio Net Outflow $128.3 Mln,

5/25/2017 11:14 AM from iTradePh [Link]

China to allow market makers for futures contracts that aren’t actively traded,is considering letting foreigners trade financial futures

5/25/2017 11:12 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Umbrella Slippers Rubber-boots Wanton Mami w Siopao or Ramen! PAGASA predicts rainy weather today until early Frid…

5/25/2017 11:11 AM from iTradePh [Link]

.@risahontiveros worries that martial law declaration seems to be Pres. Duterte's "default" response for public safety | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:05 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@risahontiveros: Martial Law is a rare and extreme measure | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:05 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@risahontiveros:Constitution allows 3 options to ensure public safety. Declaration of martial law is the most grave among them via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:04 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@risahontiveros: There is a "creeping martial law" in the country | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:03 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

.@risahontiveros awaits the report from Malacañang before they conduct a joint session | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:03 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippine Budget Looks Solid. itrade

5/25/2017 11:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

.@risahontiveros hopes that the martial law declaration in Mindanao is not a cover up of alleged govt failure of intelligence | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippine Debt-to-GDP ratio seen declining to 36.7% in 2022 from 42.2% in 2016

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Philippine Budget deficit to be financed through borrowings, where 80% will be sourced locally and remaining 20% from international

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from iTradePh [Link]

.@risahontiveros worries about the track of human rights violation under the Duterte administration | via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippines: Upward trend in govt spending will be sustained in medium term; budget deficit ceiling of 3% of GDP to be maintained up to 2022

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from iTradePh [Link]

.@risahontiveros: Pres. Duterte's declaration of Martial Law disproportionate to former presidents' actions against terrorism via @jdmcaro

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

‘Oversupply’ forces Cebu Pacific to suspend 3 flights to Middle East | via @cathyrosegarcia

5/25/2017 11:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Philippines OK's national budget +14.6% at 3.84t pesos for 2018,2018 revenue target at 2.91t pesos, disbursement at 3.44t pesos

5/25/2017 10:59 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Psei Flat 7,843.020+5.20 (0.07%)

5/25/2017 10:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi 7846.49 +8.67 pts. +0.11%. Range 7831.07-7848.21. Exchange Volume of 213.6M shares; valued at Php892.5M.

5/25/2017 10:38 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Should gov't allow tax-free imports of corn sweetener? Business group says it's open to it. | via @elijahtubayan…

5/25/2017 10:30 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Eagle Cement IPO oversubscribed by more than three times the allotment | via @arra17

5/25/2017 10:00 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

iTradeTrending: 9:49 mrc 0.37 vita2.03 mcp 9.48 meg 4.45 web 9.10 pnx 9.93 bloom 9.74 agi 15.24 mbt 88.75 bdo 121.20 tel 1661/00 ac 868.50

5/25/2017 9:52 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 9:48 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 9:41 AM from iTradePh [Link]

9:38am Psei 7,838.340+0.52 (0.01%)

5/25/2017 9:38 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 9:36 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTradeTrending web 5.05 tel 1661.00 mrc 0.385 pnx 9.85 fni 2.40

5/25/2017 9:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Yield on 3.625% govt bonds due September 2025 fall 3bps to 4.54%

5/25/2017 9:32 AM from iTradePh [Link]

More Fun😉foreign funds buys the "weak hands"in the Philippine market despite martial law being imposed in Mindanao.

5/25/2017 9:32 AM from iTradePh [Link]

IPO: Inta Bina Surges 32% in Kuala Lumpur Debut

5/25/2017 9:26 AM from iTradePh [Link]

FIRST IN ASIA: Taiwan's constitutional court declares same-sex marriage legal. | via @Reuters

5/25/2017 9:23 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

The Bank of Korea maintained key rates Thursday as household debt continues to rise and the economy shows signs of improvement.

5/25/2017 9:20 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Hawaii sued Toyota Nissan.and Ford: car companies knew, or should have known,Takata Corp. airbags were unsafe.

5/25/2017 9:15 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Hawaii sued Toyota., Nissan. and Ford. for allegedly installing Takata Corp. airbags on vehicles sold in the state.

5/25/2017 9:13 AM from iTradePh [Link]

CEB 99.25 will suspend flights to destinations in the Middle East citing oversupply of seats as other carriers have added more flights

5/25/2017 9:11 AM from iTradePh [Link]

TEL 1615.00 1Q17 Core Net Income -26% to P5.3 billion

5/25/2017 9:10 AM from iTradePh [Link]

TEL/GLO/SMC deal - “We believe that the move will dampen the near-term likelihood of a third player entering the Philippines telco

5/25/2017 9:10 AM from iTradePh [Link]

S&P says "We expect PLDT to continue on its strategic investments to protect its market share and grow data revenues.”

5/25/2017 9:09 AM from iTradePh [Link]

TEL 1615.00 S&P affirms TEL’s "BBB+" long-term corporate credit rating, stable outlook

5/25/2017 9:08 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BDO: transfer money from Japan to the Philippines just by downloading “Seven Bank International Money Transfer” apps on mobile phones.

5/25/2017 9:07 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BDO 121.00 partners with Japan’s Seven Bank for remittances

5/25/2017 9:06 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Singapore State fund, GIC Private Ltd. now has a direct stake in BPI, more than three years after it acquired a stake

5/25/2017 9:05 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Guidance: PNX said it is poised for stronger performance this year as it introduces new products and services and expand its reach

5/25/2017 9:05 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PNX OK MOU with PDB (Netherlands) B.V. PDB is the principal marketing unit of Malaysia’s national oil company Petroliam Nasional Berhad.

5/25/2017 9:04 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PNX 9.50 to buy Petronas’ Philippine LPG Unit

5/25/2017 9:04 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Supports to watch are 7600 (17.9x), 7500 (17.4x) and formidable 7400 (17.2x).

5/25/2017 9:03 AM from iTradePh [Link]

As of May 19, YTD PSEI +13.55% (vs. 14.25% the prior week); YTD NFS P1.69 billion (vs. P2.38 billion)

5/25/2017 9:03 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi +25.66 pts. or +0.32% to 7,837.92 (18.2x); NFB 451 milion; Peso 49.95

5/25/2017 9:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

China says will likely maintain “stable and relatively high growth.”

5/25/2017 9:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

China’s finance ministry called Moody’s “pro-cyclical” methodology is not appropriate

5/25/2017 9:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

China says Moody’s overestimated China’s cconomic difficulties; lacks an understanding of China’s debt regulation system.

5/25/2017 9:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BSP says Martial law in Mindanao to improve market sentiment long-term.

5/25/2017 9:02 AM from iTradePh [Link]

iTrade.ph itradeph Your Electronic Publisher Data Feeds are in Real Time.

5/25/2017 8:57 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Singapore state fund takes direct stake in BPI @philstarbiznews

5/25/2017 8:53 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Foreign Funds bought net $9.04m of Philippine shares yesterday on Strongman Duterte's decisive move to keep law & order in our islands.

5/25/2017 8:44 AM from iTradePh [Link]

ITradeCovers : Today PAL Holdings Ginebra San Miguel

5/25/2017 8:38 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 8:37 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 8:36 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 8:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]


5/25/2017 8:35 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PNX 9.50 Phoenix Petroleum is poised for stronger performance this year as we introduce new products and services and expand our reach.

5/25/2017 7:49 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PNX 9.50 Pivot: 10.28 Support: 7.09 8.35 9.02 Fib 8.35 9.09 9.54

5/25/2017 7:41 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PNX 9.50 PHOENIX PETROLEUM TO BUY PETRONAS' PHILIPPINE LPG UNIT Stock Our 1y Core Position Already up 79.11%, stil…

5/25/2017 7:24 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Drop in U.S. April Home Resales Shows Inventory gain

5/25/2017 7:21 AM from iTradePh [Link]

WTI Futures - 0.3% to 51.30 U.S. Dollar Index - 0.3% to 97.05 Yen unchanged at 111.4900 per US$ U.S. 10Y yield narrowed 3.0 bps to 2.2502%

5/25/2017 6:59 AM from iTradePh [Link]

U.S. MARKETS: S&P 500 up 0.3% to 2,404.39 Dow Jones up 0.4% to 21,012.42 Nasdaq up 0.4% to 6,163.02 Gold spot up 0.3% to $1,258.60

5/25/2017 6:58 AM from iTradePh [Link]

EUROPEAN MARKETS: STOXX Europe 600 up 0.09% to 392.37 Euro unchanged at 1.1219 per US$ Brent Futures down 0.4% to $53.95/bbl

5/25/2017 6:58 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MRC : Top Philippine small cap climb pivot from real estate, mines

5/25/2017 6:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

FNI Says platinum unit unaffected by martial law

5/25/2017 6:55 AM from iTradePh [Link]

IPO more than 3x oversubscribed says CHIB

5/25/2017 6:54 AM from iTradePh [Link]

BDO Partners with Japan’s Seven Bank for remittances

5/25/2017 6:54 AM from iTradePh [Link]

MSCI Asean index was little listless (flat) Wednesday.

5/25/2017 6:53 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SM Investments Corp. tops Forbes list of most valuable firms in PH

5/25/2017 4:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

SM Investments Corp. tops Forbes list of most valuable firms in PH:

5/25/2017 4:56 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Forbes Global 2000 SMis top in terms of market value with a capitalization of $17.8 billion BDO largest assets valued at $46.8 billion.

5/25/2017 4:55 AM from iTradePh [Link]

The dollar and Treasury yields at session lows as fed hike nears

5/25/2017 4:47 AM from iTradePh [Link]

Good Morning

5/25/2017 4:44 AM from iTradePh [Link]

PSEi firms up in afternoon trade; gains 9.93 pts or 0.13% to close at 7,767.62 @InquirerBiz

5/19/2017 3:39 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Free land no cure for PH rural poverty - economists

5/19/2017 2:01 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

EEI rolls out scaffolding rental business in partnership with Japanese firms Sansin Sangyo, KYC

5/19/2017 1:36 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

MAP calls for NAIA, Clark airport redevelopment

5/19/2017 1:28 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi slightly down in morning trade; regional marts mixed @InquirerBiz

5/19/2017 12:06 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Net foreign selling in PSE today at P549.37M @InquirerBiz

5/18/2017 5:18 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi sheds 68.84 pts or 0.88% to close at 7,757.69 on US jitters,below-consensus PH Q1 growth, IPOs @InquirerBiz

5/18/2017 3:43 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Eagle Cement's IPO "well-received" - underwriter

5/18/2017 3:17 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

RT @miguelrcamusINQ: Chelsea's Uy: open to acquiring bigger stake in 2GO @InquirerBiz

5/18/2017 1:21 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Businessman to watch:Dennis Uy,wife Cherylyn at signing of Chelsea's $220M loan deal w/ Bank of China @InquirerBiz

5/18/2017 1:18 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

PSEi tumbles in morning trade on US political jitters,lower-than-expected PH Q1 growth, IPOs @InquirerBiz

5/18/2017 12:01 PM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Cebu Landmasters' Q1 reservation sales at P2.2B vs P2.9B for whole of 2016

5/18/2017 11:45 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy's Chelsea Logistics to tap $220M loan from Bank of China @InquirerBiz

5/18/2017 11:02 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

RT @OysonMike: Gdp @6.4% 1q. Bad but if the tax reform gets passed this will be old news. If not, phil gr has maxed out.

5/18/2017 10:12 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

Q1 GDP growth lower than consensus forecast of 6.7%-6.8%

5/18/2017 10:02 AM from PhilBizWatcher [Link]

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