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Good Morning Philippines

Today 2:56 AM from iTradePh

Dow up .10% S&p 500 dn 0.26% Nasdaq dn 0.68% Phi 32.19 dn 2.87% 2:52am

Today 2:55 AM from iTradePh

US crude down 1.6% at $49.18

Today 2:49 AM from iTradePh

RT @Adcey26: NW: @Cathy__Yang and @iamkarendavila on ANC presents: "Doing Business Under The New Normal."

Today 1:08 AM from iTradePh

PHI in oversold territory, low at $32.00 per share. Trading Buy

Today 1:03 AM from iTradePh

RT @Cathy__Yang: Missed #TheBossANC earlier today? Catch the replay on ANC now. Meanwhile, here's the rest of the replay schedule.

Today 12:51 AM from iTradePh

iTradeReads : Japan opens up to foreign workers - just don't call it immigration

Today 12:42 AM from iTradePh

Duterte threatened on Tuesday to get rid of EDCA if he were in power long enough.

Today 12:37 AM from PhilBizWatcher

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