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Investment/buy stocks


If I want to buy stocks, how much is the minimum purchase?

Thank you for any information that you can give me.


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Hi! It depends on what stock you're buying. There is a concept called board lot, also known as round lot. It's the mininum number of shares you can buy depending on the price of the stock.

You may check this page for more info:

So let's say you want to buy Jollibee shares (JFC), which is currently at P229.20 per share. The corresponding board lot is 10 shares, so it means that if you want to buy JFC, you will need a minimum of P2,292 so you can buy 10 shares.

by manny 05/23/2024 (Edited)

Hi Manny,

Are you connected with the stock market? I would like to know more information of buying shares and how do I do that?
What do I get for buying shares? do I get a certificate of ownership of the shares?

That for replying.


by norms 05/24/2024