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It moves from 17 to 20s, It is in UTS but ig looks like in DTS. Usually for water company, I only hear NAWASA and MAYNILAD, the billing also for our water, I think is MAYNILAD. I am still looking where is this company doing its services, As I browse the internet, I just read its partnership I guess to MWSS(Manila Water Sewerage Systems), did I get it right?

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by bertty 12/17/2022

di ba sewerage ibig sabihin sewer? yung tubig na nanggagaling sa toilet ang lumalabas dun diba? tama ba?

by bertty 12/17/2022

It shows a break out into ITGS form by giving a dividend of approximately PHP30. Confirming if it is real or not is by going into their company have a pictorial shot! But how are you suppose to visit the company by PHP30? Anyways, at least you have a kilo of rice. Who knows in near future some public share holder can visit the company if it is really not in ITGS form.๐Ÿ™‚ Buying when it goes into DTS.

by bertty 01/19/2023

Got dividend PHP34.11 Nov 28, 2022. yipee๐Ÿ˜. How about August, March, April and December 2022 is there any๐Ÿ˜?

by bertty 03/24/2023