PSEi: 6390.83 pts
Market is Closed

Public Outlook: ABS


Reference price: 7.62
At this point, ABS-CBN moves between 7.3 and 7.6.

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by bertty 12/17/2022

If the basis is the Book Value(BV), and if I am correct from what i read, this stock should be at UTS. Similar with CHP buyer might want it lower than its current price.😆

by bertty 12/17/2022

Testing the waters twice. I saw the company. I guess no need for pictorial. Just want to confirm if the board is still alive.😁😆😆😆😁😆

by bertty 01/19/2023

ooops might giving a wrong conotations, I am pertaining to board systems and not human perse`

by bertty 01/19/2023

I thought I can tsupit just for PHP30. I post during offline last night for selling a min BL for 8.10 hoping that the last ask price will be hit this morning when the trades open. But it goes in DTS😁 and my offer price still open. I guess it will not be hit today and the BR will go into BM but for how long will be the BM? Do you think they will fill the gap? and continue what is supposed to be what?😁

by bertty 02/09/2023