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Any advise how to invest in good companies?

thank you

by koyvibes 10/03/2022

If it's your first time investing, I would suggest to observe which companies affect you in real-life. Say, you're eating Jollibee a lot, then you're already partly invested in JFC. Do you and your friends go to Ayala malls more than SM in general or vice-versa? Check the news about them, and see if you believe in the company. Start accummulating shares every month or every quarter or in a regular interval you're comfortable with. Start with the ones that you're already spending money on.

Then later, if you want to dive more into stocks, maybe you want to understand how to read financial statements of the companies you're interested about. Check the local and global economics, current events, etc, that can affect the companies you choose in the short / medium term.

It also depends on your personality, if you prefer short / medium / long term investing. Some may argue that short-term investing is not investing at all, but it really depends on you and what you enjoy. If you cannot sleep at night worrying about the price of the company tomorrow because you're more interested in short-term gains, then is it really worth the stress? Then again, other people like that challenge.

I hope this steers you in the right direction. Good luck!

by manny 10/04/2022

Hi manny

Were i can find seminars through online about stocks investing or communities that dicussing about investing.

Appreciate your answer manny.

Thank you so much, god bless you.

by koyvibes 10/05/2022

Hi, to continue on from Manny's very practical points strongly recommend reading 'One Up On Wall Street' by Peter Lynch. A must read that provides a good basic introduction to company financials and valuation. Available in hard copy and Audible.
Good luck on your journey!

by alexx 11/02/2022

I can also recommend Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. It's an old book, but it's one of the first ones I read when I was starting. The principles and the discipline it will impart you are timeless and much more relevant in today's volatile market. I was influenced by Warren Buffet which focuses more on fundamentals.

There have been traditionally 2 camps in investing, those who focus on fundamental analysis and those who are into technical analysis. Again, depending on your character, you may lean into one camp more than the other. I, personally, am into fundamentals but I don't disregard the value of technical analysis. What I can suggest is to study first the fundamentals which helps you more on "WHAT" to buy or sell, then later combine it with technical which in my opinion helps you more on the "WHEN" part of buying / selling. Hope this helps!

by manny 11/23/2022