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Has anyone looked at GMA7 network share price ?

0.5 peso EPS in the quarter, if annualised makes it 3x P/E. and potentially 25% dividend yield

why no ones buy this stock ?

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I have been really looking into this since 2019 because of their dividends, but haven't really invested any. Dividend wise, it's really promising, but what holds me back is their growth. For me, traditional media is a dying business, and I don’t see any plans for them to shift to the new generation of media. If they would shift their business model to content creating or something that has a better potential growth in the future, I might consider it.

I you have invested during the time you wrote this, then you’ll be reaping your dividends soon, and with a very accurate estimate of your 25% yield. Nov 29, 2020 price was at P5.7, and dividend payout for 2021 is at P1.35/share – hence you’ll have 23.7% dividend yield. Hope you were able to jump-in back in November.

by nicooo 04/09/2021 (Edited)

I actually bought the GMAP (PDR's) counterpart last year and sold this year at 30%+ gain. So yes, @ms, you are correct, people should have bought GMA7 / GMAP stocks (and I should have held my position and reaped 40%+, but I'm not sad with the gain either).

by manny 04/23/2021 (Edited)