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CONVERGE (CNVRG) sank 17% in 2 days


I'm new to investing, bought 500 shares in this IPO, read some blogs and youtube videos saying that tech stocks perform well,
it dipped 17 in two days, does investors think this stock is expensive that it will sink further to oblivion?

Or was the stock overvalued on why did they sell?

by tantan 10/27/2020

I think some videos in the internet says converge is for long term investment due to the stability of the company, however some and me as a investor might find it quite challenging if it is to be used for short term investment

by haruhi 10/28/2020 (Edited)

Traders may have found cheaper telco stocks with momentum. Your risk tolerance is under test.

by barry 10/30/2020

converge soared high, now going down again

by bert26000 11/19/2021