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New Investment


I'm very interested in investing but i dont know which app or site to go to in investing my money please guve me some suggestions it will be very appreciated.

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by anarceo 10/21/2020

Hi there, I'm also a newbie in stock investment and currently researching. The 1st thing you need to do is to choose your online broker. Mine is either COL financial or First Metro Securities, but I'm rooting for FMS because they have funding option thru landbank since I have a landbank account. COL is a little bit laggy especially during trading hours according to some of their client.
In terms of initial deposit, COL is 1,000 initial deposit while FMS is 5k initial deposit. If you dont have a metrobank or PSbank and you choose FMS, you need a PH driver's license or PRC license card to register but if you have a metrobank account, you can register right away and wait for activation.

There are many online broker out there aside from COL and FMS like BDO nomura, BPI Trade, etc.

by lest 12/09/2020