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The Blue Chip of Mining Stocks


New to this forum, just wondering with the veterans if there are what we would consider "Blue Chips" of the mining stocks. I know of Semirara but I'm staying away from that yet as the price is still reeling. I know of Nickel Asia, Apex and Philex but I don't know which to consider the blue chips of the three. So far NIKL has been consistently getting revenues and Apex has had strong year end income so far. Unfortunately price action on APX stock ticker has been disappointing as it seems to be only good for pump and dumps. Philex on the other hand has been inconsistent and yet has been touted as a "Blue Chip" before. I don't even know why it made it on that list.

Anyone have any recommendations or tips which is the best among the three I mentioned?

by j_kidd 08/02/2020

This is indeed interesting to learn. Maybe there are third party lists that assess the state of the companies and ranks them. Usually this is Forbes, but I'm not sure if they have a list of ranking only for Philippines.

If you have the time, you may start reading their financial statements and do your own analyses.

by manny 08/03/2020