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good day

sir i am newbie in investing i was just wondering which are best high yield stocks with strong foundations for long term gains. i have bought some shares in scc , shlph , dmc and mpi will they provide me decend dividents and are there others stocks in which i can regularly invest to make decent portofolio of dividend stocks which are in moderate risk catagory.. most blue chips are just 1 to 2 percent which i think is kinda low and doesn't beat inflation.. or is it better to invest and sell to make money than dividend stocks


Utilities sir, they will be the least affected in these uncertain times. In fact, I think the market has priced in that more consumers would be spending more on telecommunications due to work-at-home arrangements.

GLO being my favorite, well run company. Gives 4-5% yield. Time your entry nalang po as it is trading at a premium now.

TEL would be a good bet, better priced now, plus better yield. I think 5-6% yield.

Be careful lang po sa SCC and DMC and other high yield stocks, high risk due to the nature of their business and the economy now. Not to say that they would not give you good returns, but be more careful lang po. SCC dividend due pa next year again around March/April. While GLO and TEL dividend's are spread out through out the year.

Hope this helps.

by jaris 04/16/2020

thanks highly appreciated advice

by harp 04/16/2020

GLO is also one of my favorites. Well-managed and always bounces back.

It's good to think about beating inflation and at the same time managing your risks. I'm personally accummulating AP during these cheap times for those reasons.

by manny 04/22/2020