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Belle CorporationBEL

PSE Disclosure Form 4-34 - Voluntary Trading Suspension

Subject of the Disclosure

Request for Voluntary Trading Suspension on Account of Pending Price Setting for Tender Offer of PLC

Background/Description of the Disclosure

As discussed below, BEL is requesting for a voluntary suspension of the trading of its securities from 9:00 A.M. to 3:15 P.M. today, 20 March 2024, because of an anticipated happening of a material event in the middle of trading hours. The voluntary trading suspension is requested to ensure that the investing public will have equal access to the material information.

Stock Symbol(s) of Affected Securities


Trading Suspension Details
Execution Date Mar 20, 2024
Execution Time 9:00 am
Lifting Date Mar 20, 2024
Lifting Time 3:15 pm
Reason(s) for the request

Further to BEL’s previous disclosure on the approval by its Board of Directors of the conduct of a Tender Offer of the securities of its subsidiary, Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC), BEL’s Board of Directors has been scheduled to meet today, after its receipt of the Fairness Valuation Report prepared by First Metro Investment Corporation, to set the price for the Tender Offer as well as other terms and conditions for the same.

As the event is expected to happen in the middle of the Exchange’s trading hours, BEL respectfully requests the approval of a voluntary trading suspension on the trading of its securities from 9:00 A.M to 3:15 P.M. today, 20 March 2024. This voluntary trading suspension is being requested to ensure that the investing public will have equal access to the material information.

Other Relevant Information

The material information shall be disclosed as soon as the same shall have transpired with the approval of the Tender Offer terms and conditions by the BEL Board of Directors.

Filed on behalf by:
Name Michelle Angeli Hernandez
Designation Vice President for Governance